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Intertextual referencing to Expressionism

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Harry Potter Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1TEF1-i5iA Batman Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSxCT1Faw6k

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More Expressionist Goodies

German Expressionist Film Revision

Excellent A2 Film Revision Site


FM4 German Expressionism Exam Questions

German and Soviet cinema of the 1920s

•Compare ways in which German and Soviet films of the period use visual means to create tension and suspense.

•Is German and/or Soviet cinema of the 1920s better seen as a cinema fascinated by victims or a cinema engaging with ideas of oppression?

•In the films you have studied from this period, which features of film construction create the most powerful impression: cinematography, editing or mise-en-scène?

•In what ways do you believe it has been worth studying films from this period? Make sure you refer to details from the films themselves to support your ideas.

•What are some of the similarities and/or differences in the ways in which conflict is represented in the films you have studied?

•Consider some of the ways in which performance and movement are used in the films you have studied to convey themes and ideas.

•Is it necessary to put these films into the context of the social and political upheavals of the 1920s in Germany and the Soviet Union in order to properly understand them?

The Origins of Expressionism

Part 2:

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Excellent Prometheus Case Study Example - READ


Year 12 Film - Practice Exam Questions

How important are film reviews in determining whether or not people choose to see a film?

What different kinds of attraction are offered to audiences by ‘home cinema’ compared with seeing a film at the cinema?

What is the significance of a large film company like Warner Bros being part of an even larger media empire (stimulus – chart)

How important is it for the British film industry to have internationally recognised stars? (The stimulus were film posters of Kiera Knightley)

What is the importance for audiences of the images used in movie posters and dvd covers? (posters)

What do you find interesting in the pattern of cinema-going by age group in the UK today? (British cinema ) (stimulus – chart)

What is the value to the film industry of having stories about the private lives of stars presented in the media? (Stimulus – articles)

Do you think it is a good idea to require UK television companies to put money into the financing of UK films? (Stimulus – articles) British Films

How are audiences attracted to different kinds of films? (stimulus – film posters)

How far does your experience of watching films depend upon the technology used to view them? (stimulus – user reviews of blue ray disc of “Black Hawk Down”)

(How far does the power of stars influence which films are made in Hollywood? (stimulus – comments on George Clooney and Tom Cruise on how George managed to get his films made and how Tom chose his films.)

What strategies do you think can be used to create a successful British Film Industry?

Eddie Izzard on British V American Film

Independent Film - A definition

An Independent Film is "a film that is not a studio picture, and whose development and /or production finance is provided by more that one source." It has also been defined as a film that "is developed without ties to a major studio regardless of where subsequent production and/or distribution financing comes from", and/or where the producer shares some of the investment risk." The following article shares an excellent model to highlight the production process.


Year 12 Film Revision

The Legacy of German Expressionism