Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gendered Cinema Area - Yr13 Media and Film

OK here goes! Nina-noodle has been doing some research for the topic of 'Women and Film' for A'level Media Critical Research students and for the FS6 Film Studies topic 'Gendered Cinema'. I have found some useful sites for some of you. I will add to this collection of goodies as and when I stumble accross little gems and post them here for you to browse. Maybe you too could share some resources when you find any to help your fellow comrades. Don't be selfish shellfish and keep them to yourself........SHARE. That's what makes the Media and Film Department soooooo lovely....we care and we share!

Tarantino's Women (A more academic article about Tarintino's treatment of women. The section on Female Sexuality Presentation and beyond is quite good.) (A really interesting blog focusing on Tarantino's recent move towards 'Grindhouse' with Planet Terror and Death Proof and their representations of women) (Another good blog on your topic)

Representations of Women in Disney Films
Aimee and Aaron (Some Good Stuff For You) (A really interesting blog on the topic posted by a Media comrade from another school)

Here are some possible questions to structure your Hypothesis:
How has the representation of women in Disney films has changed overtime?
Heroines or victims of a patriarchal Order? A close study of representations of women in Disney films from Snow-White to Mulan.

Female Action/Adventure Heroines

For those of you looking at Action/Adventure heroines like Lara Croft/Electra etc. for your Critical Research Study, here's a few useful bits I have found for you:,,1518634,00.html

This is the Guardian's section on Gender with just lots of useful broad ranging gender related articles:,,670739,00.html

Representations of women in American Animation - A good site on representations of women in American cartoons.

The Films of Pedro Almodavar


Winchester, Dean said...

Is anyone else doing representations of girls in coming of age films?
Cos I have some beauties.


Snake Plissken said...


I am so excited about Planet Terror i might implode. So if i am not in film tomorrow, you have the reason.

I posted this article on Alan's blog before but it may help anyone in film or media looking at female directors. It is very interesting indeed, enjoy:

Time to watch the Thing (i can talk about it here) THE best horror film ever! thank god for John Carpenter.

To continue my Grindhouse watch (i wouldn't call it an obsession...yet) i have a good quality non bootleg version of the fake trailer for MACHETE (which is now going to be made into a full feature!)I have already posted this on Alan's blog too, but it is so good, this blog can enjoy it too. Best trailer ever? hell yeah!

That's it from me. goodnight


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Butler: Ja, I have heard this.
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Nina Noodle said...

Hi Matt. I thought Planet Terror was being released on the 9th? Have you been buying dodgy DVD's off the Chinese guy in the Nag's Head?
I stumbled accross the groovy Grindhouse article in Sight and Sound that I thought might take your fancy. Enjoy.

Snake Plissken said...

I am getting Planet Terror Via the U.S. DVD (courtesy of my dad's mate) just like Death Proof. However, i will have to see it in the cinema also! Nothing dodgy going on all.

I saw Stardust today. I enjoyed it, it was easy to watch and it was ambitious. Think the British "Princess Bride." I would recommensd it to anyone who enjoys fantasy plus it's adventous and exciting enough for men, and romantic and funny enough for girls.

That's it from me.


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