Friday, 14 November 2008

Film Studies Stuff For You! A gift from The Noodler

I hope you are all looking forward to a lovely weekend. I'm sorry I forgot to give out 'Blogger' badges this week.....I'm so damn ditzy sometimes! I'll double-up my awards next week. I'm really pleased with all the FS4 Small Scale Film Studies work. You are all working really hard and I'm chuffed and excited with the progress you are making. I'm busy watching 'Gardener's World' and indulging my guilty pleasure of growing my own veg! I love it! Given that I'm a super multi-tasker I thought I'd have a rummage on Google for some little nuggets of info to support your Small Scale studies. So here goes:

Mr I Love Will Smith (Langford),will-smith-itv-series-2-show-3_28.htm

This one is interesting as it draws upon Will Smith's faith - a feature that often underpins his performances:

This is a lovely little article Langford with some super references to Sydney Poitier and drawing parallels between Smith and this infamous black actor.

Reference to Will Smith as "Mr July 4th" showing his power in the States to draw massive audiences on 'Independence Day':

I found this part of a review in the NY Times Langford and thought the last 'performance' element in the statement was quite nice:
"And in its last section “I Am Legend” reverts to generic type, with chases and explosions and a redemptive softening of its bleak premise. The presence of the lovely Brazilian actress Alice Braga does seem promising; if she and Mr. Smith were to reboot the species together, Humanity 2.0 would be quite a bit sexier than the present version, as well as friendlier. But really the movie is best when its hero is on his own, and Mr. Smith, walking in the footsteps of Vincent Price and Charlton Heston, who played earlier versions of the Robert Neville character, outdoes both of them. There is something graceful and effortless about this performance, which not only shows what it might feel like to be the last man on earth, but also demonstrates what it is to be a movie star."

This link Langford is a super little (ok it is quite long) article on star construction. Some lovely theory to support your assertions:

A Little Gem for Everyone!

This blog is sound but it has some great links to loads of other great film blogs that you can surf to your heart's content!


Joseph Smith said... the media one

langford said...

I am no will Smith lover, its just that Will Smith is so much better then normal actors the likes of Morgan Freeman and Jim Carey i cant help but admire his work. GO ON WILL!!!