Sunday, 30 November 2008

Year 13 Media - Critical Research Study Mock Exam Countdown

With your Critical Research Study Mock Exam in 
it is crucial that you complete the two essays that we have gone through in lessons. I have posted essay frameworks on 'The Noodle' already and you need to use these to write your responses. If you have missed these lessons, take a look at the paper so that you are familiar with its structure (again posted on an earlier Critical Research post). This week I will focus on writing the four sides of notes that you can take into the mock with you next week. I hope you will rise to the challenge and work hard to realise your potential. We have spent one term on the research, and now it's time to communicate what you have learnt from this process. Dave Jelliman is the only student so far to submit 'Essay 1 - Research Methods'. Well Done Dave - you are high on my 'Love-O-Meter'. See you all next week and Good Luck with your Drama performances this week.  

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