Friday, 5 December 2008

Year 13 Critical Research Study Mock Exam Notice

I understand from Leanne that there is an air of panic about the Critical Research Mock Exams next week. Given that I have been off poorly I have decided to move the mocks into the last week of this term (an extension - yipeeee I hear you cry!), giving us next week to construct notes. I have posted some advice about notes on a blog posting yesterday so please have a look at these. I still have only received 2 essays and really do need to see some evidence of essay preparation by next week. 

Becky and Si Pui I have added the 'Women and Film' Essay 2 outline as requested and updated the original posting which can be found under 'Year 13 Critical Research' zone (see top of 'Noodle' under Quote of the Week). Sorry it's a bit late in getting up there! 

In a previous post I asked you to begin the process of writing your notes. Here is the document I am sent by the exam board regarding the 'RULES' on what can and cannot go into your notes.

This document will also prove useful to many of you interested in knowing how your MOCK will be marked. This is the Exam Board Assessment Criteria PDF for all examiners marking papers for A/S and A'level last June. You can find the Assessment Criteria for the Critical Research exam by scrolling down a few pages once entering this document.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I hope to be back in school on Monday. x

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