Monday, 19 January 2009

A' level Film Studies - FS4 Presentation Day on Thursday

Two days to go......'Presentation Day' has arrived! This Thursday, you will all submit your Annotated Catalogues and Presentation Scripts, plus present your findings as a formally assessed presentation to all film students. Here is the timetable for the day -
FILM STUDIES FS4 Small Scale Presentation Day 2009 (Part 1)
9.00am Amy
9.15 Langford
9.30 Leanne
9.45 Danny
10.00 Si Pui 
10.15 Grant 
10.30 Grace
11.00 Laura
11.15 Joe Murphy
 11.30 Bobbie
 11.45 John
 12.00 Rachel
 12.15 Lewis
12.30 Sophie
12.45 George
1.30 Claire
 1.45 Tom
2.00 Jess
 2.15 Beth
 2.30 Dani Jones
2.45 Joe Smith
3.00 Helen

The Following will present on Monday 26th January in lesson to class- Daniel Stringer / Jack Wickes / Adam Bryant / Dave Jelliman
I have e-mailed all teaching staff and sought permission for you to be released from lessons for the day. If staff object to your participation, I may have to reshuffle this schedule. If staff are happy to release you from other lessons, please ensure that you collect work and catch-up with any work missed.
It is anticipated that we will have a buffet feast on the day to cater for all those 'nibble' moments that occur on these days. Today's film class have offered to bake cakes and each contribute some goodies for the day. The following people have agreed to get the following:
Adam- Crakers
Amy and Laura - Home Baked Cakes
Leanne - Quality crisps
Lewis - Quality beverages
Daniel and Jack - Quality biscuits
Joe and Dave - Crispie Cakes & Home made Brownies
Nina - French Stick and Salad (Possibly some Pork Products)
Joe Smith - Satsumas and Apples

Could the Thursday Class bring something from the following list please?
Cheese - a quality platter
Nibbles (Sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple sticks)
Bread sticks
Butter and Cheesy Spreads (Dairylea/Philly)
More crisps, cakes and meat products
It should be a really good day and I hope you will really support each other throughout the day. I can't wait to see all your hard work come to life and see all those original research ambitions realised. 
See you on Thursday. Good Luck. x

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