Monday, 9 February 2009

A/S Media Studies - Unit G322 Exam TV Drama

After half-term, we will commence work on preparing for the G322 examination which has two distinct parts:

1. Section A: Textual Analysis and Representation: TV Drama
2. Section B: Institutions and Audiences - A Specific case study into a specific studio or production company within a contemporary film industry that targets a British audience (eg Hollywood, Bollywood, UK film), including its patterns of production, distribution, exhibition and consumption by audiences. This should be accompanied by study of contemporary film distribution practices (digital cinemas, DVD, HD-DVD, downloads, etc) and their 
impact upon production, marketing and consumption.

Section A: Textual Analysis and Representation
An ‘unseen’ moving image extract with one compulsory question dealing with textual analysis of various technical aspects of the languages and conventions of moving image media. Candidates will be asked to link this analysis with a discussion of some aspect of representation within the sequence.

The moving image extract will be provided by OCR in DVD format, with full instructions for the administration of the examination, viewing conditions and note-making time. Centres must prepare candidates in advance of the examination, using a range of examples from texts from TV Drama to demonstrate textual analysis of all of the following technical areas of moving image language and conventions in relation to the unseen extract:

Camera Angle, Shot, Movement and Composition
• Mise-en-Scène
• Editing
• Sound

The focus of study for Section A is the use of technical aspects of the moving image medium to create meaning for an audience, focussing on the creation of representations of specific social types, groups, events or places within the extract of a TV Drama. It is not necessary to study the history of the genre specified. The sequence will be taken from a contemporary British one-off or series or serial drama programme. 

Candidates should be prepared to discuss, in response to the question, how these technical
elements create specific representations of individuals, groups, events or places and help to
articulate specific messages and values that have social significance. Particular areas of
representation that may be chosen are:

• Gender
• Age
• Ethnicity
• Sexuality
• Class and status
• Physical ability/disability
• Regional identity

Have a look at this example exam paper to see what you will be preparing for and the style of question you will be asked:


nick tennear said...

I'm teaching this for the January exam so if you need example extracts take a look at:

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hii i doing a media as exam on wed and the link you posted doesnt work,
please could you email me on

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