Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Year 13 Film : Lara Croft - Feminist Icon or object of desire for the Male Gaze?

"Lara Croft - Feminist icon or object for the 'Male Gaze'? The juxtaposition of physical prowess and sexuality continues to produce a great deal of ambivalence amongst feminist and non-feminist commentators about this character."

In this week's lesson we are going to begin to watch Tomb Raider. I want you to make notes whilst watching the film. Use the following questions to guide your notes:

1. Describe and Explain in some detail how cinematic conventions like camera angles, movement and position, mise-en-scene, sound, costume, lighting and editing have contributed to the construction of a 'male gaze' by creating Croft as an object of a voyeuristic gaze.

2. Is there any evidence of fragmentation?

3. Is Croft a contradicory character? Powerful women action adventure heroes can be contradictory offering both a voyeuristic eroticised view and at the same time portray a powerful female figure. What's your interpretation? Support with examples.

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