Sunday, 8 February 2009

Year 13 Film Studies - FS4 Small Scale Research Evaluations

I have really enjoyed all of the FS4 Small Scale presentations and it was good to talk to everyone in my Thursday lesson last week about how you can improve your current grade. I hope you found the notes and feedback useful, and I am looking forward to seeing the final drafts in a few weeks. In addition to going through a re-draft process, you also need to conclude the project with a 500 word evaluation. This is a simple piece of writing and it is easy to maximise your marks if you follow the advice from the exam board below and don't waffle!

An evaluation of the research project (approx 500 words)

The evaluation may include:

• brief consideration of the relative success of the research project
• brief discussion of the research methodology (i.e., approaches to research) used,
highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of different forms and sources of
research (comments on using, for example, the internet, DVD additional
material, magazines and books)
• identification of research and problem-solving skills developed over the course
of the research project (problems faced during research with an indication of how
these were or could be overcome)
• brief discussion of how you selected appropriate material for the
presentation script
• brief reflections on the findings from the research.

Your final draft 'Presentation Script'; updated 'Annotated Catalogue'; Evaluation and folder brimming with all your research sources labelled and numbered to match the annotated catalogue, will now be due for final submission on:

MONDAY 15TH MARCH 2009 by 3.00pm

Some of you have got quite a bit of refining and additional research to undertake in order to secure a higher grade. Please use the next few weeks to systematically plan ahead for this and do little and often. You are nearly there and it would be amazing if all of you could go through with an A-C grade! I will post stuff on the blog if I find anything that I think will help you and you are always welcome to my Tuesday P5 clinic. 

Thank you all so much for your hard work so far - one final push and it'll be over! (sorry if this sounds like giving birth. I hope it's not as painful!)

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