Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Year 13 Film Studies - FS6 Gendered Film Studies: Constructed by the Gaze

Now that we have finished our FS4 Small Scale Work, I want to move back into the realms of Gendered Film Studies. To get you back into the world of 'Mulvey' and debates about 'The Gaze', here is a lovely wee film all the Gaze. Enjoy. 

A series of clips that clearly exemplify 'The Male Gaze' and notions of 'Fragmentation' across a body of contemporary Hollywood films.

The Bond films have always objectified women and this is well evidenced in this little movie 'The Bond Gaze"

This is a useful link exploring Mulvey's theory in more detail and applying it to a body of films. 

I'm looking forward to the final presentations in Thursday's lesson - Langford and Dani will both be presenting their small-scale research. We will then be ready to commence our journey back into the world of gendered film studies. I am hoping that you have been active in putting my feedback into action and refining your FS4 Small Scale Presentation Scripts and drafting your evaluations for March 15th. Don't leave it until the last minute - work systematically and it will pay dividends. See you on Thursday. x

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