Thursday, 12 March 2009

FS4 Small Scale Study Evaluation Support

Good evening Film students. I have really enjoyed the Lara Croft debates this week and I am looking forward to exploring notions of gender in Thelma and Louise. As you are fully aware, your FS4 Small Scale projects are due in on Monday 16th March and some of you have asked for some pointers for the mini-evaluation that forms part of the assessment. So here goes:

The Evaluation (approx 500 words)

An FS4 Small Scale research project evaluation should identify the research and presentation processes that went into the project and should be able to identify the learning developed in these processes. Similarly, it should assess the product of the project (in this case the annotated catalogue and the presentation script) and should make value judgments on them. It is preferable to be specific. Candidates should use examples of the strengths and weaknesses of their project and should not be afraid to identify weaknesses, particularly if they can offer some corrective advice at this stage. This clearly demonstrates both reflection and the ability to problem-solve.

The evaluation may include:

• brief consideration of the relative success of the research project

• brief discussion of the research methodology (i.e., approaches to research) used,
highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of different forms and sources of
research (comments on using, for example, the internet, DVD additional
material, magazines and books)

• identification of research and problem-solving skills developed over the course
of the research project (problems faced during research with an indication of how
these were or could be overcome)

• brief discussion of how the candidate selected appropriate material for the
presentation script

• brief reflections on the findings from the research.

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