Sunday, 1 March 2009

Music Video Critical Evaluation Part 2 Redraft Help

It was good to give you all feedback on Section 1 of your music video evaluations last week,  and Leanne and I both hope that you acknowledge our critique and comments and work hard to make the improvements suggested in the feedback notes. If you need suppport with this, please remember that I run a dedicated 6th form clinic on a Tuesday P5 to help with these sorts of issues. 

Leanne is likely to return your Section 2 evaluations this week and further feedback will be given to help you improve your grades. In light of this, I thought I would furnish you with this super document from another school which closely deconstructs Madonna's music video for 'Die Another Day' that I have posted below. Section 2 is a close textual analysis of your music video, but the questions in this document are universal and can used to closely deconstruct any media text. The analysis of Madonna's video is spot-on, and for those of you that have struggled to achieve a high grade in this section, you will benefit from interpreting the skills employed here in your own analysis. 

Here is the PDF File analysing the video:

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