Monday, 23 March 2009

Textual Analysis of 'The 'Fruity' Tudors' - PowerPoints to help you with your essays

Thank you Year 12's for your excellent presentations on the opening sequence of 'The Tudors' today. As promised, I have posted your presentations here to support you with the writing of your first TV Drama analysis due NEXT MONDAY (for those of you I teach on a Monday) and Wednesday for those of you I teach on a Wednesday!

Here is the question again:
Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs representations of the Tudor period using the following:
•Camera shots, angles, movement and composition

Remember to write about all four areas and try to 'blend' your analysis of these areas rather than talk about each one as a seperate entity. Good Luck!
Period Drama - Sound

'the Tudors ' Cinematography by Kirsty, Ross and George

'the Tudors' - Editing

Tudor Presentation Mise en Scene

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