Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Year 12 Film - Easter Holiday Homework

For anyone who missed my Film lesson today, here is the work I need you to complete over the two week holiday. Please look at the exam paper below and answer one question from Section C on American cinema. You MUST use your case-study films - American Beauty and Fight Club but may also draw upon other films in your cannon that deal with conforming to/and or subverting the dream (Pursuit of Happiness)


May I also suggest that you catch-up with the Section A work I set a few weeks ago and which no-one has yet completed. Here you were asked to choose a question from Section A and using the provided resource material coupled with your own case-study research into a Hollywood film, to write a detailed response. 

Answering these questions gives me an insight into your knowledge and understanding, and will help me to support you in the run-up to the exams. Persistent resistance to engaging with homework will inevitably lead to underachievement. It is in your interests to work through these essays as we head towards the exams to fully prepare for the experience. 
Have a lovely holiday. I look forward to your responses when we return. x

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