Saturday, 7 March 2009

Year 12 Media - 'Crits' and sample exam paper

Evening all. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I thought I'd remind you all that 'crit' sessions are taking place next week to critique your blogs and opening title sequences. The aim is that you will all be involved in peer assessment and I will be publicly grading your work. 
The project is marked out of 100 with marks allocated in the following way: 

Skill Area Mark
Planning (max 20)
Construction (max 60)
Evaluation (max 20)

The first crit will take place Period 1/2 on Monday 9th March in my double lesson and the other crit will take place in Alan's Media double on Friday 13th March (unlucky for some!) Sadly we are unable to showcase all of the work to all of you in one single hit because I am not able to withdraw you from other lessons. It will however, still be an excellent opportunity to evaluate your work and offer ideas for improvements. 

For those of you interested in what the TV Drama paper is going to look like, here is an example with a marking scheme. We will refer to it in lessons, but should you choose to be ahead of the game, here is the link:

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