Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cover work for Year 13 Media - Friday!

Starter: How many Horror references?

Still got a very bad back....planning on some Acupuncture today as my last resort so I won't be in. Before Easter you watched Hostel 2. Today I would like you to read the following two articles from the Guardian Film site and Film Bunnies. Whilst reading, take notes/key quotes from them in a mature and diligent fashion:

I would then like you to write a detailed 750/1000 word review of the film on your blog commenting on:

1 What you find interesting about the representations of men and women in Hostel 2?

2. What do you think the future of horror is post-Roth's Hostel? Where does the genre go from here? What next and why?

I look forward to reading these this evening. Missing you already x If you finish, have a go at creating a 'Horror' character in Cube Craft. 

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