Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Year 12 Film Studies Classwork and Revision for TODAY

Good morning. I apologise, but I won't be in for your lesson today. I'm laid-up with a horrible back injury and the drugs I am taking have rendered me pretty useless. With only a couple of weeks left before the examination, I am eager for you to work on your two close-study films on Crisis in Masculinity and the American Dream. Before Easter, we started to draw comparisons between the characters and examine their links to 'The American Dream'. Today, I want you to look at my posting in the hols on Robert Bly's mytho-poetic masculinity and to spend the first hour reading the online support resources; watching the extract from 'Tough Guise' (I think there's more of it on Youtube) and making notes on the relevancy of these ideas to FIGHT CLUB AND AMERICAN BEAUTY, and if you can 'Pursuit of Happyness'.

I then want you to produce a mind-map on how these two/three movies represent masculinity in crisis making reference to specific characters, scenes, quotes from script and theorists, wider issues of masculinity in crisis echoed in culture and society (single parenting, educational underachievement of boys, rise of female empowerment in workplace and education, commercialism, comodifying culture, loosing touch with our deep sense of self because of consumerism, shifting family values etc that have led to men loosing their sense of identity). You probably won't finish it today so please finish for homework and start to read your notes, blog postings and my blog postings as preparation for the exam. You should be spendng about five hours a week revising now. Seriously!

I look forward to receiving your essays that you wrote over Easter too. You can e-mail them to me at: ninanoo@btinternet.com

Have fun and work hard. Miss you.

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