Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Year 12 Film Studies - Wednesday 6th October 2011

Good Morning Everyone,

I am going to be a bit late to your lesson this morning so can I please ask you to make a start on the following activity - I will be with you by 9.20/9.25am.

1. Read the following mini-story.  

2. Split into groups of 4/5 (6 Groups in the class Max) trying to have at least one person in the team who has created a storyboard / learnt about storyboarding previously.

3. In your teams plan and storyboard the story in no more than 15 shots (12 minimum). There are storyboard sheets in the red box at the front of the classroom.

Tom is writing with a red pencil. He stops writing and rubs his eyes. When he goes back to write again, he can’t find his pencil. He searches his desk, but cannot find the pencil. As he searches, he notices the student next to him has a red pencil. Tom glares at his neighbour. Tom gets up his nerve and snatches the pencil back. Tom holds the pencil triumphantly. Just then, another student passes by, and bends to pick something up. It is Tom’s red pencil, which had fallen on the floor. She hands it to Tom, who now holds two red pencils.

When complete, you are going to film your sequence (Jack will bring cameras in on my arrival).
Please remember that I will be collecting 'City of God' micro essays and some of you will be presenting your mise-en-scene analysis PowerPoints tomorrow so bring memory sticks!

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