Saturday, 8 November 2008

Media Studies Key Concepts Links

Here is a list of really useful links if you need to brush-up on your Media Studies Key Concepts. I put Britney in there just to lure you in!



Snake Plissken said...


Anybody out there?

Thanks for the resourses Nina, i am going to have to get together with Jimmy, Perry and Dave so we can develop our music video! Plus i have got to start looking at Hitchcock! I am swamped already.

At least, next week, production of THE film begins. I can not wait!

I thought i might have a new name for a new blog. So who else but Snake.

That's it from me.


ImprovingDave said...

alright matt! i'm here? lol
taking my revision pretty darn seriously! check the time if you can't believe me, pro plus is the way foward!

also, i have a new alarm clock radio thing that is pukka and extremely loud.

i concur about the music vid, even though it was 3 months ago =/. after my 2 exams are sorted, the vid is next on my hitlist! =D

the links are great anyway nina, thanks! im going to finish watchin beauty and the beast and the notes on belle, then im gunna collapse [=


ImprovingDave said...
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