Sunday, 9 November 2008

Critical Research Study 2008

Only a few weeks to go before the mock exam on the week beginning 10th December 2008. It is really important that you begin to tie-up your secondary research and to help with this, I will post anything that I think is relevant for you on this thread. I hope it's useful!

George, Joe and Grant - Criminality and Music Artists (Docherty, Winehouse)
It would be good for you guys to place your topic in a context and to draw upon the idea that criminality and its link with music artists is long established and nothing new, particularly in relation to rock but also Hip-Hop, Rap etc. This site has got some nice quotes and some interesting questions to stimulate further thought. 

This blog has got some great quotes on the 'Carnival of Celebrity Criminality' as you scroll down the first posting with other 'blogger' responses. 

Oliver - Representations of Disabled Athletes
It's really important to support your primary research with secondary evidence derived from reading around the subject of disability and sport. Here are a few little gems that I have discovered that should help you to build-up a historical, social context and develop a greater understanding of the complexity of the debates and the relationships between athlete, media institutions, audience and ratings!

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