Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A/S Film Studies - FM2 Film Marketing Case Study

Hello Film-noodlers. Welcome to 'The Noodle'. I am going to begin posting information for you on the blog including homework and links, and of course some movies and clips.

You have been working on your FM2 case studies undertaking a detailed study into the marketing and promotion of a Hollywood film of your choosing. Your collection of artefacts can take two forms -

a. A dedicated FM2 blog where you can post all your research, videos, trailers, links etc.


b. A paper based file where you keep all of your research in a print form.

Ideally I would like all of you to create a Film Studies blog where you can keep all of your film work from here on (including all your preparatory work for FM2). Your Hollywood case study needs to show evidence of the following:

1. Research into the studio/s involved in the production and distribution of your chosen film. What questions does this raise?

2. What marketing, promotion and merchandise deals have you discovered? What do these say about the target audience/ the ideology of the film and the company behind it?

3. How successful was the movie in terms of box-office ratings both here and abroad? What was it's USP? What led to its success?

In short I want you to find out as much information about your chosen film from the initial stages of production through to marketing, distribution, exhibition and audience reception (some primary research) and exploration of the REVIEWS process and the impact this has on reception. You will then use all of your collected material to construct an essay on the main thrust of this examination - the relationship between PRODUCERS and AUDIENCES. Here is an example of the WJEC FM2 exam paper for you to see how this project relates:


I have also found some really useful links to support you with the Hollywood case study below.





This case study work will need to be completed in readiness to complete the essay by Tuesday 9th December 2008. 2 WEEKS!
Good Luck

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