Sunday, 23 November 2008

Year 12 Media Studies : WEEKLY HOMEWORK

Week Beginning 24th November 2008

This week I want you to complete the following tasks for homework on your new BLOG:

1. Set-up a BLOG and e-mail me your link if you have not yet done so. My e-mail is 

2. Write-up your BRIEF as a posting and give the reader some thoughts on your initial ideas

3. Read my posting on the 'Noodle' and watch the Saul Bass documentary via the You-tube link and 3 of his title sequences in Youtube. 

4. Write a 500 word 'Research Posting' on Saul Bass on your Blog with some analysis of 2/3 of his title sequences + a summary of the documentary. You can add videos, images and links if you find some useful stuff that you want to evidence. This forms part of your AS assessment as evidence of research.

This all needs to be completed by next Monday. I'll be showcasing work next Monday morning in lesson and giving out 'Blogger of the Week' Awards (highly desirable and sought after badges!). 

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