Thursday, 4 December 2008

A/S Film Studies - Hollywood Case Study Nina's Class

I hope the editing of your short films is going well in i-movie. Gerry has agreed to come and do a session on Final Cut Pro next week to help you bring your creative ideals to life with some 'Jazz Hands' snazzy effects! 
As you know, your Hollywood case study research is due on Tuesday. I have seen what Jake, Tara and Ruby have been up to but am not sure what the rest of you are up to? I have not received any blog links from anyone else so if you are creating a Film blog can you e-mail me your url address to: 

I am off work feeling poorly and a bit sorry for myself. I hate daytime TV so have spent a bit of time in my cosy bed sourcing useful stuff for you. Here are a couple of useful links that might help you research the institutional aspect of your case study:

This blog focuses on 'Distribution' facts:

This site explores Hollywood studios as Oligopolies 'multi-national corporations' that dominate media output. Some interesting stuff especially in the Movie Industry section.

This site is great for accessing 'fan-sites' where you can find loads of great marketing and publicity for your case study film+ facts/figures to do with box office sales and studio info.

Oh and Jake, I think Sarah Jessica Parker launched a perfume called 'Lovely' when 'Sex and the City' was released. I saw an ad on TV for it last night and it reminded me of our conversation. 

Thank you all for your efforts in Tuesday's lesson. Despite not taking his badge, Mr OFSTED was very impressed with the class. 
See you on Tuesday. x

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