Thursday, 4 December 2008

FS4 Film Studies Presentation Script Development

The presentation script (1000 – 1500 words)
The presentation script must take the form of notes for a presentation and could
combine (for example) subheadings, bullet points, short pieces of connected prose
and reference to visual extracts to illustrate the presentation. Candidates are
encouraged to devise a presentation format appropriate to their needs. This is not an essay but a presentation of research findings.

To access the higher grade tiers you MUST:
Reference key items of research from the catalogue and cross reference these
explicitly in the presentation.

Make use of short credited quotations derived from primary and secondary research but care must be taken that the words of the presentation are the candidate’s own. Credited quotations are excluded from the word count.

Here is some more information from Freddie Gaffney one of the principal examiners at WJEC for this paper with examples to show how each element of this project should be laid out and constructed: 

I hope this helps. Miss you all and still feeling rotten. See you soon x

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