Sunday, 25 January 2009

Year 12 Film Studies - FM2 Hollywood Studio Online Advertising

I found this interesting little article on the 'Movie Marketing Madness' blog which you should all check out on a regular basis. This eMarketer report on the spreading of clips as a promotional strategy for upcoming films is interesting as an insight on the targeting process. But the real bit of news coming from it is that studios spent $1.01 billion on online ads in 2008, a 34.6 percent increase over 2007’s $754 million. Projected spending in 2009 and beyond slows somewhat from that pace, hovering between 23 and 25 percent for the most part. But you’ll see that online’s percentage of the total studio ad spending continues to increase in that time, rising to an expected 13.2 percent by 2012.

This does appear to be just paid advertising and therefore likely doesn’t take into account other marketing efforts like website design, publicity efforts to online media and other initiatives. It would be interesting to see what the total online media spending looks like.

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