Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Year 13 Media - Music Promo Screenings Next Week

To All Year 13 Media Students

You are cordially invited to two screening and crit sessions for this year's AMAZING (we hope!) Music Videos. These will be next Monday and Tuesday (2nd/3rd Feb) Period 5 and all students who do not have another lesson are expected to attend. You may bring snacks if you wish, you greedy little monsters, but DO NOT give any to me or Nina- our diets were completely ruined by the Film Studies presentation session!

Alan, Nina and I will all be there to give our opinions and also to give you a provisional grade, it's going to be brilliant!

Obviously this means that this Friday's music video deadline is FINAL - we will burn all videos onto disc first thing Monday morning so whatever you have done at that point is what will be seen, critiqued and graded.

Remember: the WAFTAs are but a few short months away so for some of you, this could be the first step to glory...

Leanne and Team Media x

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