Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Year 13 Media - Music Promo Evaluation Part 3 Resources

As you move through the process of writing your Critical Evaluation, the Noodle will be here to help with advice, examples, hints and tips that if used, could support you in realising your potential and netting those 30 marks. Part 3 is all about 'How your music video would fit into the current music climate'. The emphasis here is on a knowledge and understanding of the complex relationship between artists/bands, the institutions who drive their promotion (labels and mass media), and the audiences who consume their music and align themselves with their identity. You need to display a knowledge of:

Record labels 
NMT and its role in contemporary music
The role of the mass media, especially the internet in promoting music and constructing fans
The symbiotic relationship between majors/indies and their relationship to TNC's
Music trends and emerging cultural associations
Ownership and control

This site offers useful insight into role of the internet in an article 'Music and My Space'

This site provides a brilliant commentary on the music industry and explores how record labels work; the importance of radio; the role of majors v indies etc. A gem!  

I will add some more links here as I find them for you. x

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