Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Work of Kyle Cooper

I discovered these fantastic mini-documentaries and interviews exploring the work of Kyle Cooper (the designer behind the award winning Se7en title sequence). LA based Kyle Cooper has directed and produced more than 100 film title sequences. Details magazine credited him with 'Almost single-handedly revitalizing the main title sequence as an art form'. Creativity magazine named Cooper one of the 'Top 50 biggest and best thinkers and doers from the last 20 years of advertising and consumer culture.' The New York Times Magazine called the title sequence he created for Se7en 'One of the most important design innovations of the 1990s'. These documentaries and interviews give insight into what drew Cooper to working in film titles, and both explore the production processes. For those of you looking to add some meaningful evidence of research into similar texts onto your blog, these provide a super institutional starting point and maybe some inspiration. Enjoy x

These two Youtube documentaries are a bit dated but useful and insightful giving some useful examples to understand title design developments:

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